What Is Your Product, Really?

uncle leoYour brand is your product, too. Your service is your product.

And your user help is your product.

If you give shoddy service to your customers, who’s going to buy what you’re selling? If your branding looks like Uncle Leo thought it up during last week’s lodge meeting, no one will take you seriously.

And if your user help was cobbled together by your engineers who would rather be developing than wrestling with Microsoft Word, it’s going to make your product itself look unreliable—at best.

At worst, you’ll frustrate the people that are most valuable to your company, your customers. Because they DO read your instructions, and those instructions DO shape their opinions of your company.

But if your user help is clear and easy to use, if it’s attractive and fun, it’ll make your product look easy to use and attractive and fun. Your customers will feel more confident in your product, they’ll feel more valued by you, and they’ll become more committed to buying more products from you in the future.

Never underestimate the power of a good user guide.