Why Disney Believes Your Product Instructions Should Be Perfect

Disney castle at night

Photo credit: Joe Penniston (Flickr)

Here’s a great article about Disney’s dedication to “overmanaging”—the commitment to ensuring that every detail of a guest’s experience is perfect. Not just acceptable, not enjoyable. Perfect. “People can feel perfection,” Walt Disney once said.

Every touchpoint with Disney’s guests is planned for excellence, whether it’s the way a phone call is answered or the temperature of your hotel room or the presentation of a meal on a plate.

Why does every touchpoint matter? Because that’s where the customer experiences your product and your company. Disney knows that a disappointing touchpoint creates a disappointed customer.

And that’s where your technical content comes in. Technical content is a major touchpoint for your customers, but many companies treat it as an insignificant one. There are three times when a customer is likely to interact with your technical content, each one of them a critical moment:

When they’re thinking of buying. As many as one-third of consumers review technical content on a product before making a purchasing decision. (I suspect it’s higher among B-to-B transactions.) In this case, your technical content doubles as marketing content. Will your content impress prospective buyers?

When they first touch your product. These customers want to orient themselves to your product. They’re uncertain and may not know where to start. There’s an increased level of tentativeness. Is your content welcoming and inviting? Does it make an uncertain moment feel more comfortable? Do your instructions make it easy and enjoyable to get started?

When they’re stuck. These customers have a problem they need fixed. Their task has been interrupted and they may need to get back to it quickly. They’ve probably tried to find the solution themselves already and now they’re feeling frustrated and confused. They need relief, and they need it quickly. Are your instructions easy to use and understand? Do they present the material in a calming manner? Will your customers be glad they used your instructions?

Disney doesn’t skimp on the details, because they know it’s in the details where the customer experiences a product. The quality of your product instructions may seem like an insignificant detail to you, but they are a key touchpoint for your customers. It’s where they experience your product at the most significant moments.

Will you give your customers an excellent experience, or a frustrating one?