Why Are You Boring Your Customers?

You want your customers to be glad they used your user guide, right? So why is it so darned BORING? No one is glad to be bored. And boring instructions make your product feel boring too!

Instead, take a cue from Air New Zealand. As Jay Heyman writes, Air New Zealand and a few other airlines are catching on to the fact that customers pay more attention to your instructions if they’re more interested in them. And, they’ll enjoy using your product more, too. So these airlines made their safety instructions a bit more creative and fun lately.

airline safety

Engaged customers who love using your product. It’s a win-win all around, right? So why are you boring your customers?

By the way, if you’re looking for someone to help unborify your user guides, get in touch! I’ll be glad to help you help your customers enjoy your product more.