Now You Too Can Write Like Hemingway!

hemingway coverThe great American author Ernest Hemingway was known for his minimalist writing style. It was both simple and elegant, light and clear. It also happens that good content writing and technical writing are simple and clear.

If only there were an app that could help you write more like Ernest Hemingway.

Well, now there is. Hemingway is a new web app that monitors key components of sentence structure and highlights problems in your text. For example, adverbs are highlighted blue (Hemingway hated adverbs); passive phrases (also a no-no) are marked green; convoluted phrases are shown in red. The app also checks the grade reading level and displays word count stats.

All you do is type your text, then click Edit to see Hemingway’s feedback.

I tried it out as I wrote this post and found it to be very effective. And it’s fun to use, too!

So if you’re not a confident writer, I highly recommend Hemingway. It might not turn you into the next great American novelist, but it’ll help make your writing sharper.