Technical Writing that Helps Your Small Business Grow

tech writing helps your business growIntext Writing helps small businesses succeed by providing technical content that customers love to use. As a small business, your number one concern is taking care of your customers. Poorly written user guides get in the way of that by causing frustration with your product or company, and they create barriers that you’re forced to overcome—if you’re even aware of them.

Research shows that 90% of your customers read the manual. Of those customers, 70% said the quality of the user guide affects their opinion of your company. Most customers who encounter confusing or incomplete instructions either return the product or are less likely buy from you again. Others call tech support, costing you additional expenses. Clearly, the quality of your content makes a tangible difference to your business!

How Intext Works

Intext Writing works closely with you to ensure that your customers love using your product. Intext provides technical writing services that help cultivate loyal customers, increase sales, and minimize support costs while freeing up your experts to do their work.

Intext Writing:

  • Uses the Anchored Authoring Process to ensure that your needs are fully understood and that you know what to expect.
  • Makes your user guides more human and more enjoyable for your customers by combining your branding, good design principles, and smart implementation methods.
  • Is committed to seeing the whole world flourish, one word at a time. Ten percent of the gross income from your project will be donated to help make the world a more just place.

Intext Writing provides more than just user guides. See a list of freelance writing services.

Meet the Owner

Bill KerschbaumI’m Bill Kerschbaum, the owner and sole employee of Intext Writing. My technical writing background includes industrial software, medical devices, robotics, video game-style simulations, and more. I also create web content for businesses and occasionally write guest articles for blogs.

I’ve been writing, editing, and proofreading for over a decade, but I began my career in Youth Ministry. My greatest adventures include hiking a mountain in Colorado, sea kayaking in Lake Superior, and raising two amazing boys with my wife of 20+ years.

I live and work in the west side of Ann Arbor, Michigan: home of the Big House, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Zingerman’s Deli, and an energetic biztech culture.