Intext Writing's mission to small businessesIn 2010, Intext Writing was created with a singular purpose: to help small businesses succeed by providing technical content that customers love to use. Intext Writing can help you turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal fans by creating user guides, technical materials, and web content that is easy to use, makes sense, and sounds human.

The Soul of the Company

Intext Writing is driven by just one core value: Live for the client, die for the client.

Now, don’t take that too literally! But there are times when it feels like dying if you give up your own interests or priorities or comfort for someone else. Doing what’s right, refusing to cut corners, grinding it out for someone else’s sake—those things require putting your own agendas and priorities to death, and to live for someone else. And that’s what Intext Writing is all about.

Hire Intext and you’ll get a technical writer who lives and dies for your company.

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